I swear this guy is having an orgasm at the gym.

Dial down the moaning a little won’t you?

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Pharrell has achieved everything (and more) that Kanye says society is stopping him from achieving.

And, Pharrell has done so with so much class and professionalism. The fashion collabs and own label stuff that Kanye claims he can’t do because of the ‘racist/classist’ industry? Pharrell has done that, and he’s done it without charging extortionate prices for it. In a couple days Uniqlo will be dropping the collab they did with Pharrell. All t-shirts will be £15. The same can’t be said for the ridiculous ‘hip-hop’ tee (a plain white tee with ‘super rare hemlines yo’ that costs £150. 

Pharrell has had hit after hit without sacrificing quality. He’s part of the soundtrack for the new spiderman movie with the legend that is Hans Zimmer. It’s just incredible how much this man has achieved and remains humble throughout. He is a real inspiration. 

Now, I’m not bashing on Ye. I love his music and what he does but people who blindly follow and agree with what he says need to realise that it’s not society that’s the problem in this case, but the man. It’s really hard to continue to respect someone who just complains about how unfair life is and how he wants to do so many great things for the public yet only releases clothes/shoes that the majority would never be able to afford and tickets for concerts that are £75 for the ‘cheap seats’. 

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